The following is an excerpt from Wishful Thinking, also later published in Beyond Words. The earliest of the four Gospels makes no reference to it, and neither does Paul, who wrote earlier still. On later evidence, however, many Christians have made it an article of faith that it was the Holy Spirit rather than Joseph […]

Last week I was able to have lunch with a good friend and he challenged me to post more on the blog. He thought it would be simple enough for me to review some of the books I am reading through. So… here we are. As I finish a book I will try to simply […]

During a recent phone conversation with a brilliant man, I was asked about the books I am currently reading and have recently read. I thought it would be best to compile this list on my blog so the brilliant Mr. Jimbo would be able to see a list form of the books.  Recently Read:-“The Churches […]

“A man sets out to discover a treasure he believes is hidden under a stone; he turns over stone after stone but finds nothing. He grows tired of such a futile undertaking but the treasure is too precious for him to give up. So he begins to look for a stone which is too heavy […]

A movement of western Christianity over the past several hundred years has placed a strong emphasis on the personal. The individual and their personal relationship with Jesus is the upmost importance. My prayer life. My relationship. My actions. My responsibilities. My heart. My mind. Etc. This personal emphasis allows for many “Christians” today to distance […]

I apologize for my lack of posting… it has been a long time. the reason for the delay is simple: a while ago really wanted to write a post on “Leadership” and i wanted to explore all of the ways Jesus taught on the subject, discussed the subject, and stressed the importance of the subject. […]

About a week ago I re-posted some thoughts on the Marks of the Church by the one and only Mark Driscoll. I mentioned to a few that not only did I disagree with the way he defines these marks but the actual marks themselves. Now most of you know that I am not always about […]


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